Tuesday, October 05, 2004

EFF Action

I posted an entry at Engaging Thought about the EFF.

However, it's an issue I care enough about to let everyone know through both blogs.

Basically, the EFF fights for keeping freedoms we've always had in this country, only these freedoms are being challenged on the internet. The two reasons I find this important are:

1) they are freedoms we should continue to have

2) by restricting our rights, Congress is just ensuring that innovation and development are going to happen in other countries, and we'll be left behind.

So, go visit the EFF and see if any of the issues resonate with you. If you do, fill out the form and let your representatives and senators know. The web page makes it very easy.

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Anonymous said...

Where is BFW? No new posts here or at ETJ....

Still alive there buddy?