Saturday, June 28, 2014

Simone Rides

On Friday, Simone had a play date at a friend's house.  We brought over her bike and they rode around in a parking lot nearby.  Well, "rode" was a relative term.  When we got there, Simone's bike had no pedals - it was a push bike.
Simone looked really confident on her bike.  She would start by the curb on the high end of the parking lot and coast down to the center.  She was having a great time, so I asked her if she would like to put the pedals on.  She coasted a couple more times and I went to get the pedals.
We put the pedals on and she went back to her starting point, coasted down, and then pedaled around.

She spent the next ten minutes coasting down, and pedaling around in a circle with a big smile.
She was very excited out biking and immediately began making plans for the next biking excursion.
So, today, we rode the trail-a-bike to the market and back, and then headed over to Starker Arts Park, where we both rode our bikes around the bike path there.  Simone worked hard practicing her starts on flat ground (not quite as easy as when coasting downhill).  The day ended up being a bit frustrating for Simone because she really wanted to ride, but couldn't quite string together all the pieces to keep riding.
She couldn't see it, but I saw how much better she was at the end of the hour when compared to the beginning.
It'll really help to have a bike that fits her - you can see how small her current bike is for her.
To be continued...

Monday, May 26, 2014

8 Years Ago Today

A little girl was born.  

8 years ago today, I went to bed at 6am, and this morning I woke up at 6am because someone was very excited to be having a birthday.

8 years ago today, we looked out our window to see beautiful roses, blooming in the side yard - and we decided to give Simone the middle name "Rose." Today, Mary and I chopped up the remnants of that rose bush, a victim of the cold snap and snow this winter (sniff sniff).

8 years ago today, we didn't leave home for nearly two weeks, choosing to instead stay at home, getting to know each other.  Today we woke up after returning from a great trip to the beach, and spent nearly the entire day outside of the house, eating special meals and desserts out.

8 years ago today we saw family and friends, and we celebrated the little girl who has come into our lives.  Just like today.

Ice cream with Grandpa...

A sand castle with a swimming pool.

Our chef making a fruit plate (she made the chef's hat too).

Leaping lizards!

Watering the yard, among other things.

Peanut butter pie for the birthday girl!

At the waterfront.

With friends (Astrid and Bodhi).

My gals at dinner.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Sunny Day

A Sunny Day
I think Simone was inspired by today's weather as she made this coloring page for the world to enjoy.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Simone's Coloring Cats

We had an epic snow storm this weekend, and after playing in the snow, Simone created a set of coloring pictures for everyone on the internet.  So here they are.


The intent is that you can color them and then cut them out to play with them.  I think my favorite is the ballerina in the middle.

Let me know if you use them, Simone would be pleased to hear how you liked them.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Coloring Sheet

Simone made a coloring sheet for all kids to enjoy.  You color the pieces in, cut them out, and then glue or tape them together to make an elephant head.

She was inspired by a circus coloring sheet she used from the artist Made By Joel.  She's also made some step-by-step guides to drawing different animals and scenes - I'd like to scan those too.