Saturday, February 05, 2005

So many things...

There have been a lot of little items to blog about, but I've just not made the time.

Mary has started taking care of a (it's starving, really) stray cat. It's a cute cat, though it sprays on things (the grill cover, the mazda's front left tire).

I've been pretty good about training for the Beaver Freezer triathlon, except for this last week, I'd biked/swum/or run 5 or 6 days a week for 4 weeks. My 500 yard swim is just above 8 minutes, and I successfully ran 5k outside - in 34 minutes, including about 6 minutes of walking.

Mary and I are heading to Puerto Rico for 2 weeks of vacation this Tuesday - yay yay yay. It's gonna be awesome.

I just got a "RaceCenter northwest" magazine that has all the tri/duo/run events in the northwest for this year. There are a bunch that sound interesting - perhaps I'll like them enough to decide to do an ironman. yeah, right.

The winter weather has been awesome, I've been able to ride my single speed a number of times (quite often going to the gym).

And I've been working a lot, which sucks. But, off to Puerto Rico!!!!!

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