Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Weekend Off

Mary and I took the weekend off. There were several reasons for this.

For one, we were a bit worn out from working on the path.

Secondly, the local stone place didn't get the right stone in stock before the weekend (they actually don't know if it'll be available next week either - it's starting to border on incompetence).

Third, we were invited by Mary's parents to hang with them in Bend at the Thousand Trails campground. It's a part of a chain of campground facilities (kinda like KOA, only nicer (I suspect)).

So, we drove over to Bend and hung out for a couple of days. We lazed in our lawn chairs, read books, grilled steak, swam in the pool, etc. Life was good.

But now the week begins, and back to work we go.

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