Tuesday, November 08, 2005


One of my favorite restaurants in Eugene is Lucky Noodle. They have an awesome version of Khi Mao (drunken noodles). For Thai food, what Pad Thai is to most people, khi mao is to me. I can't get enough of that dish.

Mary figured she'd look up a recipe - which got me all excited. I looked at a number of the recipes on the web, and a lot sounded like just soy sauce and fish sauce. I've done a combination of soy and fish sauces, and while it can be tasty, it definitely doesn't have the richness I've found in the drunken noodles. Two of the recipes happened to look pretty similar (see the link above) - both having some fun new ingredients. One is black soy sauce, a thick, molasses-like soy sauce. The other ingredient, Golden Mountain Sauce, a very light, not-so salty sauce. To me, the Golden Mountain sauce tastes very much like Bragg Liquid Aminos and that could be used in a pinch. For the black soy sauce, you could probably use a mixture of half low-sodium soy and half molasses. The other vital ingredients are fish sauce, Thai chills, and basil.

We have a small Thai chili pepper plant in the back garden. It produced about a dozen very cute, and very hot, chili peppers. I've made a little bit of hot sauce that's aging in the fridge - but I did get to put a couple of them into the Drunken Noodles. It's nice to have a good use for the peppers.

I whipped up the ingredients as directed, and voila! A pretty kick-butt dish of noodles. I recommend undersoaking the noodles - they cook quickly in the heat of the wok - and it's better to start with undersoaked noodles.

The other fine discovery of the weekend (again, thanks to Mary) is a new gin: Desert Juniper Gin. They make their gin with fresh juniper berries - no extracts. They're like a micro-brewery, except for liquor. I made myself a number of gin and tonics with lots of lime. Very tasty.

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