Thursday, June 28, 2007

iBike WW26 (1)

I connected with the guy from Craig's list on Tuesday and went for a ride in the forest. We biked to the top of McCulloch Peak and then down the trail known as South Side Slip. Again, I had trouble with the first section of that ride. Last time I just ran into a (small) tree, this time I did an endo and scraped myself up pretty well.

Some say that when you have an accident, time stops. My experience is a little different, I get a slight pause right at the beginning where I can revel in my imminent wreck, and then I'm picking myself up and surveying the damage.

With bruised ego, shoulder, and upper thigh I continued on the ride, enjoying most of it. At this time of the year the trails are pretty overgrown, and you just plow through small branches and point your tire where you think the trail continues. That was half the problem with my wreck, the trail was only about 6" wide, it wiggled, and grass obscured half of it. The other half of the problem is I obviously don't quite know what I'm doing.

Anyway, the ride was pretty good. Stats are: 1h54min, 9.4mph average, 18.15m total. And about 40 minutes of that was just riding to and from the gate.

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