Friday, November 09, 2007

Week of T

It's been a while since an update on Simone, and with the state of my memory, I figure I'd better write things down.

This week she found her T's, a few of her words have picked up a T on the end. She says the entire word "bath" - even with the th, and she says "hat" - which is usually followed by "dude." She counts "one" "two" "three" fairly well. She leaves off the last consonant from her words, like "boo(k)" "ca(ke)" and "bo(wl)". She's good at pointing out her "shoes".

She knows some animal sounds, her fish sound is cute - she opens and closes her mouth. She makes a low "woof" sound for dogs, and a kissing sound for a duck - because it we have it kiss her cheek.

She's still tentative while walking around the house and wants both hands. She loves running around, chasing you, squealing, and then being chased.

Simone draws with crayons on the large pad of paper, and the swing is still a favorite toy.

She eats most everything, though her current favorites are rice and rice cakes. She'll eat avocado, artichoke heart, olive, spinach, beans, green beans, and most surprising of all: pickled ginger. Simone recently discovered the fork and prefers it to the spoon - I think because she can successfully stab things with the fork.

When Simone is thirsty, she asks for water by making the "ahhh" sound most people make after having a drink of something tasty.

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