Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Years ago I saw some cooking show where some lady made mozzarella and it looked way easy. But I never tried. I'd thought about making cheese off and on, but ... c'mon, it's cheese, it can't be easy...

Mary recently began reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and came to the part about making cheese. They made it sound easy, so we got off our butts and got the rennet and citric acid, and off to the races we were.

The recipe says it takes 30 minutes, and they're right. It is as easy as: warm milk, add citric acid, add rennet, strain curds, heat and knead cheese. Done!

One gallon of milk made one pound of cheese. We had a bunch of whey left over (3 quarts), and are planning on making ricotta because it sounds just as easy as the mozzarella (we'll see).

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