Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paradise Campground (McKenzie River)

Mary, Simone and I went to Paradise campground on the McKenzie river this past weekend, we invited Nana and Grandpa - who accepted before I even finished the invite. We had a grand time.

Mary and I, re-enacting a wedding photo. Seven years ago almost to the day were were in that same spot, taking that same photo - only with fancier clothes.

All in all, a great weekend. The campground is real pretty - we were in site 42 - which is at the end of a loop and felt real private. There are a ton of old growth trees, and either the main river, or a small stream runs by nearly all the campsites. Ours was next to the small stream.

On Saturday we hiked all the way to Belknap (3 miles?), and even though it was around 100 degrees, the shade and the occasional cool breeze from the river kept us in high spirits.

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