Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eggs, take 2

A month ago we started getting eggs, and the girls have been steady at producing 2 nearly every day. I find that amazing - how do they know to balance their laying out like that? Why don't we ever get 3 on one day?

The eggs have steadily gotten larger, one day we even had one that would have qualified as Jumbo (I should have weighed it).

We get produce scraps from the co-op every week or so to supplement the girls' diet - they plow through a 40 pound pile of lettuce/melon/apple/whatever in a few days. With the scraps from our kitchen and the co-op, they end up not eating very much of the pellet food. And, when we're in the back yard, we usually let them out to roam around to find whatever bugs/greens they want to eat.

Here are the girls:

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