Monday, January 05, 2009

Simone's First Long Walk, and Best Pho Ever

The other day, Mary, Simone and I went for a walk in the late afternoon. We wandered through campus when we realized we didn't really have any food back at the house, so perhaps we should eat out.

Walking along Monroe we stopped at a new (to us) restaurant, South East, which proclaimed it had Vietnamese sandwiches and Pho. Figuring they had salad rolls, we decided to check it out.

Side note: The Burley DeLite is about 1/2" too wide to fit through a standard door, which meant we had to leave it outside the restaurant to eat. The people at South East bent over backwards to accommodate us - opening their back door (same size), and eventually using the cable lock holding their outside tables/chairs down to lock our Burley. The 2009 version of the Burley no longer has the aluminum tubing as the suspension (if you check the link), which means it'd probably fit through the door just fine - though it'd be a PITA to lock up b/c there isn't a solid tube of metal through which to loop a cable lock.

We went inside, ordered, and Mary took Simone outside to burn off some energy - she ran around for 10 minutes solid. My first choice (spicy and exotic Hue rice vermicelli beef soup) was unavailable, so I chose the Pho. Big win - the soup rocked. I've generally liked Pho at other restaurants, but this bowl just knocked the flavor out of the park - I was ready to eat another bowl before we even left the restaurant. Mary's noodle dish (turned out to be Pad Thai) was good, but the salad rolls were disappointing (they had BBQ pork - which was over cooked and dry dry dry).

I'll be going back for the Pho very soon.

Simone wasn't ready to get in the Burley after dinner, so she alternated between walking around and pushing the stroller. She walked from South East all the way to the practice football fields. I mapped it out (see below), and it was 3/4 of a mile. New record!

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