Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NBA Finals and Mary

The first game of the NBA finals were tonight, I told Mary that the Heat won. She remembered that there was talk about a group of guys going to the team. Then I told her the other team was the Mavericks, and her response:

"With that short guy .... Spud?"

June 1, 2011: Edited to say the Heat won.


mary jackson boucher said...

I don't get out much to the games. I know it has a hoop and a big orange ball. And that somebody once showed up at my doorstep very LATE one evening, after being whacked in the face with one of those big orange balls, and said "Can you stitch up my face?" "Well, no, actually, I don't have my suture kit here. I'm not leaving a scar on your face, let's go to the ER."

mary jackson boucher said...

And besides, just because Spud left the game in 1998, before Trey and I ever had a date, doesn't mean that I'm out of touch... It just reminds me that short people can play!