Friday, September 23, 2011

Riding With Simone To School

Simone and I rode to school today.
Yup, she's in kindergarten at the big Waldorf school, it's her second full week.
We woke up this morning, had breakfast (hens in pens), dressed up nice and warm, hopped on our bike and road the 6 miles or so to school. It was super foggy in parts - I meant to take a photo of some trees in the fog, but I wanted to be to sure to get to school on time.
We got there in plenty of time, being the second kid in the class to walk in.
Simone peeled off her many layers, kissed me goodbye and she was off.
It felt great to ride her to school, and I hope to do it a few more times before the rain sets in.
I took a slightly longer way home, riding along Walnut/53rd, and I did take the time to snap a photo of the sun shining through the oak trees. I was on a bit of a hill here, and was just barely out of the fog, about 2 minutes later I was back in the thick of things.
I do love the fall weather - let's hope it sticks around for a while longer.

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