Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Birthday

Easter fell on my birthday this year, and Mother Nature came through in spades.

Simone woke up to a basket from the Easter bunny full of books and stickers - very exciting. Then the Easter egg hunt began. Simone used to not enjoy looking for things, but the eggs were more than enough incentive.

Mary and Simone headed over to church for service and another hunt while I headed out on a birthday ride. At the top of McCulloch peak I ran into a friend on Team Dirt - Joe. We were headed in the same direction so we put together a bunch of single track from the peak through Iris Meadow and all the way to Jackson Creek. Joe has just moved into the valley and he pointed out his house - literally a stone's throw from the forest entrance. Anyway, an awesome ride made better by sharing it with a friend.

In the afternoon, Simone decorated the maple tree with plastic eggs and we just hung out until Rose, our sitter, came. Then Mary and I had a lovely walk to dinner and back, and then I made a gin and tonic with a new bottle of gin from Yum!

All in all, a good day. I'm not sure how Simone is feeling today after eating all those jelly beans... She'll get through it.

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