Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

After church, Simone and I headed home to grab some lunch before our big adventure in the woods.
We loaded up the car with our bike and a half. Simone had her Camelbak full of water, snacks, tools, and extra clothes. Yes, I made her carry stuff - she did it without complaint. 
Riding toward Dimple Hill
We started at Lewisburg Saddle and took the high road to the top do Dimple Hill. There we ran into some friends, Maddie and Ashley, who had walked the same route we rode. The girls played in the leaves while Ashley and I caught up. 
Making a bed out of leaves
We had a little snack and then it was time to get back on and ride down Dan's Trail (singletrack), over the road Horse Trail. We actually ran into some folks on horseback while on the roads, which pleased Simone to no end. 
We passed a gaggle of college kids on bikes at the bottom of Horse, so I macho-ed it up by riding with Simone up Horse Trail.  Most of it was ride able, though I faltered on a couple of the switch backs.
Simone definitely helped out quite when she pedaled - it was pretty easy to go up the slight inclines. I think she was probably pulling more than her weight at those points.

Horse Trail
Another glorious fall day in Corvallis.

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