Thursday, July 15, 2004

Do More Yoga

Last October, after going to Moab, I started doing Bikram Yoga. I'd been talking about doing Yoga for a while, but it was time to step up to the plate.

You see, I'm getting old, and I never was very flexible. But lately it's been a chore just to look over my shoulder when backing the car up. So the answer was to do Yoga.

Mary had been doing Bikram Yoga for 3+ years at that point and loved it. What makes this yoga different from other practices is that it's the same 26 postures in the same order, done in a room that's been heated to 105 Farenheit. And Sam had also agreed that it was a pretty intense workout.

All Bikram Postures

So I started going. Each class is 90 minutes, and I don't stop sweating for at least another 45, more like an hour. But my flexibility quickly increased. I still couldn't touch my toes while keeping my legs straight, but I was able to do other postures pretty well - like cobra, akward, and triangle. I'm also good at the physical portion of Shava-asana.

But now that the weather is nice, it's too tough to go into a heated room. So I've dropped down to going maybe once a month. And I'm tightening up again, my biking is starting to suffer. Damn. I've got to get back to the sweat room.

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