Friday, August 27, 2004


I read a couple of blawgs: public defender dude, uncivil litigator, Crime and Federalism. (if you read Blogs - use Mozilla and Sage, just do it ok?).

I have no idea what it's like to be a lawyer, and I'm sure that most lawyers have pretty dull jobs (kind of like most programmers have pretty dull jobs), but I get a kick out of reading their blogs.

What I'd really want to do is read some programmers' blogs, but I want to read about interesting programming they've done (kind of like interesting cases or issues lawyers blog). Only, I don't think programmers write about it - they publish source code. Or they're writing code for companies (like mine) who have proprietary software and can't publish their tips and tricks.

Oh shut up, you're giving me a hard time now.

The closest I can get is reading boost's documentation. They do amazing things, and I can only hope to learn half of what they've put out there. They make C++ look like Lisp.

Update: I did find one guy's blog about tracking bugs down in Microsoft products. Which, while it isn't cool tips/tricks about programming, it does talk about something integral to programming: debugging.

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