Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I'm all for some good TV. Tonight I'm waiting for my favorite show, "Scrubs", to start. However, the new animated show, "Father of the Pride" is currently on. What a stupid show. In the 5 minutes I've watched it, I've seen nothing but the gags that were on the promos - which makes me wonder what they'll have left for episode 2. And, there's a ton of swearing and sexual references. The references are so stupid, so blatant, that it's actually insulting to watch. I'm embarrassed for NBC. I'm definitely not a prude, but come on, I think we've matured a little bit since Benny Hill show.

Now, Scrubs, that's a quality show. It's got great writing, good humor, good show premise, the show always ends with a good message, and pretty much everyone on the show is attractive. That's about all a show really needs. Unfortunately, most of the shows nowadays just get the last characteristic right. "Father of the Pride" fails on all accounts.

Now, taking things to the other extreme, I do have to give props to the show, "Hot or Not." It was unabashedly superficial, it simply walked people out onto the stage and they were either voted "hot" or "not." The hot ones got to stay, the others had to leave. There was the little bit of competition, and a lot of hotties. The cost for the show had to be near zero, everyone and their sister probably tried out for the show - so there was no shortage of 'talent'. What a great show. However, it wasn't quite interesting enough to keep people interested because I don't see it in the fall lineup.
Another show worthy of watching is "Fear Factor" - it's got the good premise, the host of the show is quick on his feet, there's always a winner, and, of course, most everyone on the show is attractive. Plus, like any good game show, you can imagine yourself in the contestants shoes: either being grossed out about eating cow placenta, or climbing over a wall that's flipping end-over-end.

Seinfeld was also incredible, but alas it is just in syndication. Oddly enough, I found the fact that NBC is making BUCKS off Seinfeld, reportedly over $1 billion for 9 years of syndication. At least I know it'll be around to entertain me.

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You must be getting old.