Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wow, I Should Have Figured

I'm surprised we haven't seen data like this report earlier. I would have figured it'd show up in the emergency room stats.

Or, perhaps it shows up in more chronic ways. Sure enough, what is one of the causes of nasty hemorrhoids? Excessive straining during bowel movements.

Those folks in Japan/Italy/India have it right, use a squat toilet and avoid the stress.

Of course, I didn't learn until I was the ripe old age of 24, on my Muir Trail trip how to properly poop in the woods (how to poop while squatting). You only pull the pants/shorts down to your knees! Nobody ever told me! I always pulled the shorts down to my ankles, and then had to somehow avoid the shorts that were spanning the space between my ankles. It's a game you don't want to lose.

For sure, proper squat and poop technique will be one of the first things I teach my kids.

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