Friday, November 19, 2004

English Drink Cabinet

Mary and I purchased our first real piece of furniture about a month back, a 1930's English drink cabinet. I've posted some pictures below (here, here, and here).

It is probably the first piece of furniture that caught the attention of both of us. It's pretty plain and simple from the outside. The cabinet has a nice curly maple veneer, but other than that it is just a box with legs. But when you open up the top you're dazzled by sparkling mirrors on a shelf that rises up to greet you. It's pretty slick. The top portion that sticks up (you can see it in the second pic) has a couple little shelves with little metal clips that can hold short drink glasses by the stems. Two of the doors on the bottom open up to trays that slide out. Each tray is broken up into 3 rows, which hold 3 bottles of booze perfectly. And, original to the cabinet, in each of the doors there are 3 metal olive skewers. All-in-all, a very unique and interesting piece of furniture.

My parents gave me a crystal decanter they're not using, so we can look real classy when offering someone some brandy. Though I think we'll probably put port in the decanter as neither I nor Mary really care for brandy.

Now I need a drinking jacket and a pipe...

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