Friday, September 22, 2006

Canning Pear Sauce

When we picked apples a while back, we also picked a bag full of pears.

What do you do with a grocery bag full of pears? Make pear sauce.

What do you do with pear sauce? Make pear sorbet. mmm....

It's as easy as mixing pear puree and honey (8:1 ratio) and throwing it in the ice cream maker. It came out fluffy and light, tasting deliciously of pear.

But we had a bunch, even after taking some to a potluck and to Mary's book club. So I canned it. It was my first time canning, and I believe I was successful. At the least, I got a good seal on all 6 pint jars.

Now we can have a taste of autumn in winter or spring. Can't wait.

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