Monday, September 18, 2006

Simone Update

Simone is nearly 4 months old now. She's making bunches of new sounds. We're calling her our little pterodactyl because she squawks like one. Her sounds are getting longer - some of the pterodactyl war cries hare a good 15 seconds long and have a couple of different sounds now. Sadly, I think the "coo" sound has gone by the wayside never to appear again.

Lately she's been playing with her hands more, and she's actually sticking her fists out straight ahead. If she were walking - she'd have the Frankenstein arms down pat, but she's still lolly-gagging on her back it kind of looks like she's getting ready to box.

Last week, the two of us went on a nice walk before I started to work. After gazing at the leaves on the trees for a while, she fell asleep with her standard flip-top head position:

She's dancing around more than ever, and is now tracking us with her eyes. Just two days ago she looked me up and down (like that song about the bear with tennis shoes). Bath time is loads of fun (though I've yet to master the drying off and dressing stage afterwards).

Mary and I are a little shocked as how she's more self-entertaining and we can actually leave her in her play seat or on her mat for little bits of time. And she's starting to laugh now. We've had lots of smiles and giggles, but I've seen a couple of little laughs.

It's all a constant change, a good change. Eventually she'll laugh at one of my jokes.

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