Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gah, Commercials, They Conspire Against Us

So... we switched to Comcast for our phone, and the bundle of phone/internet/tv was cheaper than not having TV, so we've got it.

A couple of times, Mary and I have decided to flake out on TV after putting Simone to sleep. Most of the time there is nothing of interest on (70 channels, nothing interesting), but occasionally there is a movie or show worth watching. However, we're spoiled by watching TV shows off DVD, and the commercials are annoying. So, like any child of the remote, I begin switching channels to find something else.

But all the stations are showing commercials at the same time!!! It's not chance, it happens every time.

I do realize the answer is DVR, but we're ditching cable as soon as the introductory plan is over.

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