Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Simone, growing like a ... beautiful flower

Well, she's 19.5 months old and weighs nearly as much. Shoes are a big hit with her, she really wants to put them on - including the bright pink croc that someone gave us (just one, kinda awkward). Simone has been sleeping through the night pretty regularly, which is a nice change.

Her vocabulary has picked up dramatically, but some of her old words have changed into new ones, so we're missing some of the things she says (at least I am). She still thinks everything is "soft" - including my stubbly face, and loves to pet Jupiter.

We haven't been riding in a couple of weeks (that's soooo last year), but have gone on several walks and played on the playground equipment. She likes the slides, stairs, and the suspension bridges. Just today, she and Mary went to a Gym On Wheels class - basically a tumbling/walking/play class, and she loved it.

Here are a few pictures of her - one with her very handsome father.

And she really likes her sunglasses, she's getting all geared up for our Hawaii trip.

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