Friday, June 19, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

Unbelievable, I read the story in the paper today. Congress will pay folks $3500-$4500 for upgrading their auto from a gas guzzling SUV/truck getting 16mpg to a mean green machine that gets 18mpg... wait, what?

Yup, you'll get paid $3500 to buy a 18mpg gas guzzler, even $4500 for a 23mpg guzzler.

What a moronic idea.

For a real breakdown devoid of the anger and frustration I harbor, read: The Oil Drum | The 2012 Oil Crunch vs. Cash for Clunkers

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Walter Jeffries said...

Part of what is bad about this idea, from what I had read, is that you have to buy a new car. I never do that. They are vastly over priced. Far better to buy a used car for cash and do everything it needs to bring it 100% up to par. Much less expensive both in the short term and long term.

Over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog on the Escapism post you asked about whey spoiling.

There are several factors that keep the whey and such from spoiling. The pH is low which inhibits bacteria, there's salt in it which lowers the available water (Aw). These are techniques traditionally used to keep fermented sausages, yogurt, cheeses and such from spoiling for long periods - the way people used to keep foods before refrigeration.

One of our tanks we insulated before we realized that it wasn't necessary. That tank also sits down into the ground and is sheltered from light and wind to protect it in the winter and summer. Later we learned...

Additionally it simply doesn't get very warm here. It is unusual for it to get over 75°F at our house and that is only for a short season. The pigs go through the way so fast, over 1,000 gallons a day, that it just doesn't have time to set around. Since it is stored in large tanks it takes a long time for the fluid to change temperature. This same effect protects the tanks from freezing in the winter. In hotter climate spoilage if you went through the way slowly might be an issue.