Monday, June 15, 2009

Some Simone Pics

Simone with a daisy. We couldn't find the horses this particular day, so we looked at some flowers.

Simone and Ayli sharing a seat.

Ayli playing peekaboo with Mary. By the end of Carl and Jana's visit, Ayli was smiling lots, but it was so quick. This was the best one I got on film.

Simone waiting for some lunch - so much fun eating at a restaurant, especially one with fish tanks!

Simone, Carl and Ayli at the water fountain.

A picture on our hike at Breitenbush.

Another shot of Simone and Papa at Breitenbush - Simone was pretty worn out from all the tubbing.

Simone and Momma racing around in a car at the playground.

Check out the little photo albums (some of the same pics).

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