Monday, January 31, 2011

Not Sure How I Feel About This

So... where to start.

First, it's an awesome photo.

Second, I think "Launch!" every time I see it and have to chuckle.

Third, I'm wondering why the baby has no harness - it's as though the parents have no love for their baby. Both the adults have their harnesses on, the woman still has her chalk bag. If you're gonna take your kid on an outing that involves climbing, the kid needs a harness at the least, and one of the parents should have some sort of sling or backpack to carry the kid (and keep their hands free). It just seemed like they could have gone the extra step to make the staged photo a little more real.

Fourth, I think what tickles me so is that the baby looks like a penguin launching out of the water onto an ice flow.

Note: I originally saw the image at Picture Is Unrelated, who attributes the photo to this site, but I doubt the second link is the originator of the photo.

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