Saturday, January 01, 2011

Simone in the new year

We went to the beach for the week between Christmas and New Year's. We luckily caught 2 days of blue skies and sun (pretty cold though) in between a bunch of rain. Nana and Grandpa were there, and Tim, Maria, and Tomas joined us for a day and night.

Simone and Tomas had a great time together and wore each other out rescuing each other from Grandpa, reading books together, and playing on the beach. We hadn't seen the Johoski's in probably 1.5 years and it was nice to catch up. Tim made some tasty paella for everyone.

Tim took the photo above and did a little photo-shopping to get the effects. Pretty nice.

We were out at a really low tide. The waves were far enough away that there was about 100-150 feet of flat sand with a film of water on top - it looked like a mirror and made for some (hopefully) pretty photographs.

Simone and I were paying attention and did not get caught by a wave like Tim and Tomas. Luckily, Tim only got his feet wet.

We measured Simone at the beach, she's grown an inch since September, and is now over 40" tall.

And tonight we learned that Simone can reach the medicine cabinet all by herself, open it up to get her tooth brush and paste, brush, and put it all back.

Simone got a nice, long nap on the drive back, so we're watching movies tonight. We started off with "Heidi" but that was a bit scary (the grandpa is pretty grumpy and mean), so we switched to Kipper, which has proved again to be a favorite. Such a simple show, but very kind and fun.

And, not only did our neighbor, Maddie, take care of Jupiter and the chickens, she also brought over a friendship cake (yum!) tonight. It feels a little backwards - we should be giving her something. It's a give and take.

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