Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Fine New Year's Day Hike

New Year's Day was beautiful.  Mary, Simone, and I went on a hike in King's Valley at Beazell Park.  We've hiked there before, and it's lovely.  The hikes are pretty short and not very challenging - good for a 5 year old (though at times it was like trying to herd a cat...).

We did a little loop which ended up crossing a stream, going through some Oak forest, a newly planted fir forest, and past a gazebo.  I believe all had a good time - we even got a little family photo.

I'll have you notice - this is probably the last photo of me wearing glasses as I had Lasik not two weeks later.

Singing into a "microphone" we found.

Nifty Bark

The gals posing for me

Family photo - I looked the same in all of them

Entering the planted forest

Tree pose in the trees

Climbing in an oak

Mary phto-bombing Simone

Playing on the bridge crossing a tiny stream

Standing in the stream

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