Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Last weekend was Mother's Day, and a gorgeous day it was.

After I went on an awesome ride in the forest, we drove to Dancing Oaks, which was giving tours of their grounds.  We'd never been there and figured it'd be a good excuse - plus they were giving away plants to all the mothers.

They have bunches of pretty plants, and they're located out in the hills way north of Corvallis (there are some stunning views out there).  We all had a good time (Simone was happy to see the treats, not so excited about the plants).

While we were there we saw Mary's friend who'd actually recommended the nursery (long before Mother's day), and we ran into some other friends too.  The second set of friends were heading further north to Falls City where The Bread Board makes pizzas in their wood-fired oven.

Not to turn our noses up to a good idea, we drove out there and had amazing pizza - the best I've had in years.

All in all, a great Mother's day.  Here are some pics:

Simone's First Experience With A Barrel of Monkeys
Not only did we play with A Barrel of Monkeys, we played Connect 4, and introduced Simone to the Magic 8 ball - oh I should have gotten that on video.  Simone was entranced with the answers that were coming back.

Filbert by Simone

Trying to be Artsy

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