Monday, August 20, 2018

Three Weeks Keto

I'm three weeks in now, and beginning the fourth week.

So far, I believe I've avoiding annoying everyone with my keto talk.  Simone might beg to differ, but she's enjoyed the food for the most part (Mary did tell me that last week she asked, "do we have something other than chicken to eat?").  Luckily, food her food woes are quickly calmed with a piece of bacon.  Go bacon!

I began keto three weeks ago, but it's been six weeks since I cut out grains and sweeteners.  In that whole time, I'm down 13 pounds - to a slim, trim, 244# today.  And my blood level has been in the normal range, excepting one morning of 101 (too much chocolate for dessert?).

Overall, I've been feeling just as good, if not a bit better than "normal."  I have not experienced the keto flu that many talk about (and now would be the time), and my workouts have felt solid.

I think the dietary changes work for me so far.

I feel a little odd eating just meat, nuts, eggs, cheese, and greens - but three weeks in I have been happy with the food so far.

I've not yet started doing intermittent fasting - I may give that a try in week five.  I did just listen to an interesting podcast where they recommended protein fasts (as opposed to water fasts), under the idea that generally during a water fast your body uses about 1/3 a pound of lean muscle to power your day's activities - and eating just protein helps avoid that.  Granted, that's different than intermittent fasting, but still an idea.

We just went camping for three nights, which was interesting.  The yellow-jackets were certainly attracted by all the meat at meals - a bit of a downside.

On to week four!

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