Thursday, May 12, 2005

Garden and Strawberries

Last weekend we worked in the garden.

Mary and I had weeded some of it already, and she'd planted a few things like spinach and other greens. But we finished up all the prep work - and the garden looks pretty nice. Mary planted two types of beans - bush beans (green beans) and some scarlet runners. She also planted a couple different types of peas. Both the peas and beans have nice little trellises (trellisi?) on which to grow.

I mostly ho'ed the other beds, making them soft and manageable and ready to plant. This was, of course, after I mapped out the house and yard - getting ready for putting in a path and beds for plants.

The most exciting thing was the strawberry patch. It's 16' long by 5' wide, and packed FULL of berry plants. I almost pulled a couple out because they looked so foreign - I've never seen berry plants like this before. Mary counted 25 berries on a single plant. wow. In just a few weeks these puppies will be ripe, and then it's nothing but strawberries and cream for me (diet be damned).

I'll blog about the path/patio/plant beds another time, but it's our spring project (if we ever get actually started - I've got some work to do to get ready). We'll have a much nicer side yard to hang out in after it's done.

We're also going to put down 18 inches of gravel (that's width, not depth) around the house to help prevent weeds from growing right next to the house. But first, I get to spray round-up. Woo-hoo! It's so satisfying, it just kills everything (except those darned blackberries - unless, that is, you really saturate the ground). Evidentially, we've got some bind-weed in one corner of the yard (by the play structure), and the only realistic way of getting rid of it is round-up.

So be warned plants, I'm coming to get you!

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