Friday, May 20, 2005


Mary and I decided to join NetFlix.

We watch a few movies a month, not a lot. But we've actually gotten lazy/forgetful and have gotten a few late fees in the last month or two (yes, we still use Hollywood - not Blockbuster).

Mary got all psyched up about using NetFlix when she found that it's real easy to use - that you can control the order in which you get movies and all that. So, we signed up.

We looked, briefly, at Blockbuster's online DVD rental. It's the same price (we just got the 2-DVD at a time option) as NetFlix, but gives you a little more. We decided that we wouldn't notice the difference between 2 at a time versus 3 at a time, and we'd rather support the "little" guy - or at least the new kid on the block.

But then I found out that NetFlix and WalMart are forming a partnership where NetFlix gets all the rental business, and WalMart gets the sales. I don't like WalMart, so I started wondering if we should really use NetFlix.

But I justified it as just a partnership - we're not going to buy WalMart DVD's, so we won't be supporting WalMart.

It did throw me for a loop.

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