Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rusty Nail

Mmmm... I just had a couple of Rusty Nails. I tried to become a scotch drinker way back when I finished grad school. My best friend bought me a bottle of single malt, and some other friends got me a second bottle. Well, I just finished that second bottle (still working on the first) - so you can see how much of a scotch man I've become.

Even more telling, I can really only drink scotch when combined with Drambuie (ala Rusty Nail). My grandmother used to drink Drambuie - so I can thank her for the drink.

With pretty bottle finally empty, I finished up my first batch of hot sauce that I discussed earlier. I blended it up and put it through a food mill to get rid of all the skins. It turned a vibrant red, with a touch of orange. I had added rings of a hot Jalepeno pepper - but took those out before blending. I didn't want the sauce to look like puke.

I used an immersion blender to blend it up. I remember when I first found out about that kind of blender, my roomie (Portia) had one and loved it. I scoffed at the idea that it could do a proper job of blending. How wrong I was. We use it all the time now for making pureed soups (and hot sauces). Sorry Portia, I was wrong.

I'll let the hot sauce sit for a few days to see if it changes consistency or anything. It's got a lot of air still whipped in it from the blending. But, if all goes well, I'll soon have a new kind of gift for people - it'll be a blast to make.

This first bottle is all mine though.

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