Monday, October 23, 2006

What it should be like

We just purchased a Mac mini. Why? Well, we have Mary's old work computer (which strained to open up word documents), the Home PC from Intel (which usable, was getting a little flaky), and Mary's work laptop (kinda slow as well). Also, with the little videos we've been making of Simone, we're needing video editing software. What better to do that than a Mac?

Plus, a mini is so nice and compact. The only reason I'd ever want a computer bigger than the mini is that I'd want a screen and keyboard to go with (which means a laptop).

It arrived today. Apple does everything so pretty. Even the protective styrofoam padding is beautifully done - all the corners are rounded. The mini is as pretty as all the pictures, and was so incredibly easy to hook up. I just plugged the keyboard/mouse/monitor/network in and it was off and running. Simple. So simple. My old tower (the home PC) was just beeping at me the other day, showing nothing on the screen, just beeping uncontrollably (well, I could control it - I unplugged it).

I'm sure the mini will have its frustrating points, but it's starting off on the right foot.

And, so as not to be too wasteful. I pulled the hard drive out of the tower and plugged it in an enclosure I picked up from Fry's. With my luck doing this kind of thing in the past, I figured it'd take me hours. Seriously. I've got bad luck and I just knew installing the mini would have used it all up.

Nope, the luck of the Irish was with me tonight. A mere 10 minutes later I had the drive up and running and was copying stuff off my laptop to transfer to the Mac.

That's when things went nuts and my laptop decided the keyboard should stop working.
Time for bed.

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