Sunday, October 15, 2006


A friend at work threw a baby-shower for Simone (oh, and two other
kids born at work recently). We had it scheduled for the same weekend
as a conference for Mary (something about killing two birds).

The theme of the party was a pot-luck where you vote for your favorite
dish. I made Baklava, using a recipe handed down through the
generations, well, just one - from Mom to me. And Mom got it from a
Japanese woman. Go figure. Anyway, I knew it'd be a hit because it
always is. If I'm going to a pot luck, and I can bring a dessert,
that's what I make, no question.

Sure enough, I won. Boo-yah!

Oh, and Simone got a very nice blanket. It was very
soft, colorful, and Simone liked it very much. In fact, it was one of
the best we've ever been given. Oh, and it came from my boss's wife.
A very lovely blanket.

But seriously, we did use it this weekend quite a bit - she slept on
it one night, and has used it to keep warm in my parents (slightly
drafty) house.

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