Wednesday, November 22, 2006

6 months - 4 days

Simone will turn 6 months in 4 short days.

Her favorite new activity is drinking from a glass. More correctly put, gumming the edge of a glass, sticking her tongue in it/under it like a proboscis. She gets very excited, quivery even, when the given the chance to drink from a glass. We're thinking of doing without a sippy cup (no binky has worked well so far).

Simone is very close to rolling over, and her coordination has gotten very good. I still beat her in thumb wrestling and rock-paper-scissors, but she's getting better. She now realizes that a dropped toy hasn't disappeared from the universe, but is likely just out of sight, right by her head.

She's very interested in the world and in other people, usually giving her cutest smile anytime a stranger comes along. She giggles a few times a day, and has this odd coughing (sounds like the fake cough little kids do) when she's excited.

As it has always been, Simone gets very excited at diaper changing time. Heaven help us if we need to change her in the middle of the night because she'll wake up and start playing the "I'm so cute" card. It's very hard to not giggle with her (which would mean staying up for an hour).

She's still pretty thin - a number of other babies born around her time are 6 or 7 pounds larger than her (but they're gargantuan), but we're not worried b/c she's eating like a champ.

All in all, we're very lucky to have such a cute, healthy, happy girl.

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