Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's What's For Dinner

Mary and I just bought 1/8 of a cow. Actually, we bought 1/4 cow with Miles and split it. The meat is grass-fed and local and all that - everything we've bought from them has been uber-tasty, so we're just buying in bulk now.

We recently bought a freezer (kind of a necessity when you're going to buy 100 pounds of meat). The freezer is in the garage - I got to be Mr. HandyMan and cut out 3 feet of the existing shelving to make space for it.

I picked the meat up on Thursday and took stock of it today - splitting evenly so Miles gets his fair share. He wanted the ribs, and I didn't really care. Surprisingly, out of the 100 pounds of meat, only about 5 were ribs. Maybe I had visions of Fred Flintstone's rack of ribs in the intro to the show.

Anyway, 1/4 cow got us about 100 pounds of meat (from about 162 pounds hanging weight), 40 pounds of it is hamburger, about 13 pounds of steaks, 5 ribs, 8 pounds of stew meat, 7 pounds of soup bones, and the rest as a variety of roasts.

Now the trick is to make sure we actually eat it, and don't just hoard it like we seem to do with food.

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