Thursday, April 05, 2007

Move or Quit

I've been working from home for nearly 7 years now. In 2000 I asked my boss if I could work part-time from Corvallis because Mary was moving there. He agreed, and I've done work ever since.

The mother organization (12000 employees) has made the decision that people working remotely is not to be allowed. I must either move up to Portland (Santa Clara, CA and Hudson, MA are also allowed) or quit.

That's the short version. The long version involves showing how inconsistent the policy is, how it is not being applied to all employees, and it doesn't fit all departments. But I won't go into that now.

Needless to say, Mary and I are looking at all of our opportunities. I may stay at Intel and we may move up to the Portland area. I might find employment elsewhere. And I can always commute every day up to Portland.

According to the rules, we've got until the end of August to make a decision.

I am, of course, hurt/angry/frustrated by this. While some folks are trying to get an exception made for me, it really makes me concerned for the future of the software department that I (for now) work for.

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