Tuesday, May 15, 2007

iBike WW20 (1)

Simone and I took the single speed out for a spin this fine morning. It'd had been a while since I had taken a long ride and vacation seemed like a good time to start back up.

We biked past Bald Hill and out to the Oak Creek entrance to the forest. Simone slept for quite a while while I biked up and down the fire lanes in the forest (no single track towing a Burley).

The lower gearing (32/18) did make the hill climbs a bit easier, and it was low enough that I spun my rear wheel a couple of times. I only had to walk once (and that was a really narrow and steep section after a long climb (I didn't want to disturb Simone who was sleeping).

I put the Burley through its most rigorous tests to date. First, I biked about 40 minutes on gravel roads and it held up just fine, Simone remained asleep even while flying down forest roads at 26+ miles per hour. Also, Simone can attest to the sturdy construction of the roll cage. While weaving through some narrow foot bridges near Bald hill, I cut one of the corners a little too sharply. The left tire hit the rail and Simone rode the Burley like she was trying out for the Dukes of Hazard. The Burley flopped on its side, and Simone remained snugly fastened in place in the middle of her seat, only looking a little confused because she had just woken up. Bravo to the Burley, keeping my little girl safe from my maniacal driving.

Stats for the ride: 1h52 min, 17.94 miles, 27mph max, 9.5mph average.

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What you doing to my niece?