Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Koppel on NPR

Two weeks ago I heard Ted Koppel on NPR, he talked about how the Democrats Can Revel in GOP's Troubles, for Now. Basically he rails on the Democrats for not supporting Bush, mostly because they're gonna inherit the war and it'll be "their" problem at that point. What bothers me is he takes the (Republican) party line of "provide a better solution or get behind the President."

Why does that bother me? Well, for one, 65% of Americans want us out of Iraq, and the Democrats have only put together bills that would withdraw fighting forces (but no contractors, no "training" forces, and none of the support folks. So, even following the bill that got vetoed, the U.S. could have still have something like 80,000 troops over there. Lame Democrats, lame.

The second thing that gets me is that he's implying the Democrats are sitting on some master plan that could solve the mess in Iraq. Wake up and smell the IEDs, Iraq is a mess and there is no good way out. It's like losing a bunch of money in Vegas, there's no graceful exit, you just have to get out. Following the Bush "surge" is just throwing more bad money into the pot. The difference between Iraq and Vegas is that someone (the house) wins in Vegas, in Iraq there are only losers.

There's always the rumor that NPR is liberal, but studies have shown that NPR is conservative. Koppel is just furthering this trend.

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