Saturday, July 07, 2007

iBike WW27 (1)

Simone and I rode downtown to pick up some fish for dinner. Beautiful sunny day, nice gentle ride. While downtown, we walked through the farmer's market and into the post office and that kind of thing. Simone got most excited when she saw the water fountain on the waterfront.

It's one of those fountains that is flush with the ground and has about two dozen water jets that shoot straight up. They turn on and off in different patterns and with different heights, and the kids love it. Simone started by just walking in the water that was draining off the side. Then she decided to go check out one of the spouts. After that she was shrieking like all the other kids, putting her hands into the spouts of water and walking from spout to spout. Lots of fun. She got to ride home in just her diaper because her clothes were soaked.

You can check the water fountain out here.

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