Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleep and Jogging

I went for a jog last night with Simone. She decided it was her turn to ride in the Burley and I had to push her, so it was to be.

As she's not much of a talker, and I have trouble breathing, let alone talking, while running, I usually listen to my MP3 player. Last night's selection was an
episode of Radio Lab on sleep. A fascinating listen I must say. Did you know that birds, aquatic mammals and reptiles can put half of their brain to sleep at a time? Imagine 4 ducks sleeping on a log, the two in the middle sleep with both eyes closed, the ones on the ends sleep with one eye open, and after a chunk of time, the ones on the end stand up, turn around, and sleep with the other eye open.

I highly recommend giving it a listen. Radiolab in general does interesting stories and mixes the stories in a very unique and interesting way.

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