Thursday, September 20, 2007

PeeChee and Gilmore

Mary and I are watching Gilmore Girls (yeah, I know, chick show, but the writing is awesome - it's the West Wing of the genre (whatever genre that is)). Anyway, in the first season's finale, Rory is carrying her books around school and she has a Pee-Chee, which I think is totally odd. The show is set in Connecticut, and as far as I know, they were only ever popular (and available) on the west coast.

See, in 1990, I left the west coast to go to school in upstate New York, and I spent probably half an hour combing the campus store looking for a Pee-Chee folder. When I asked the store clerks, they stared at me blankly and responded, "Peachy?"

I've also confirmed with my friend Miles who did a similar thing (grew up in LA, went to school in Boston), and he had the same experience.

So I thought it odd that Rory would have one. However, the show tries to be kitschy, so it kind of fits (as she's the only one in her school with one that I noticed).

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