Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yay Simone

Simone continues to grow like a weed. She's walking around with help, even getting good enough to walk with only one hand helping her. Her favorite word seems to be "beep". She's very excited about seeing babies in books/magazines and photos.

She loves to pull things out of bags and put toys into cups and bowls. She gets super excited when you chase her, or when she can chase you. She's playing the piano - even reaches up while standing on the ground to play some notes. She plays the marimba while standing - she knows which ends of the mallets to use, and she can pound on the drum. I'm still trying to get her to play the harmonica - that'll probably take a while.

She loves making faces and sticking her tongue out. When you curl your tongue into a tube she giggles hysterically. She still likes the water, and still enjoys rides in the Burley.

Rice cakes are a new thing for her, and she thinks they're the neatest thing since peaches and nectarines. Plain rice is also a favorite - makes going out for Chinese and Japanese food a cinch.

She's much more gentle with books and magazines, used to be she'd rip the cover off immediately. Now she opens the board books and looks at each page, and she likes looking through the magazines for pictures of babies.

We can spend lots of time swinging in the swings. We just got one of those bucket seats to hang up around home. At Gearhart, we spent a lot of time in a super recliner deluxe swing that was like a barcalounger hung from the sky.

Each day is better than the last.

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Paul said...

You clearly need to teach her "boop" so you can then have 8-bit video game re-enactments.

beep beep boop beep boop boop...