Saturday, September 08, 2007

President Condemns Terrorist Attack in Najaf

Surprise, surprise, yet more hypocrisy from W: President Condemns Terrorist Attack in Najaf. That's just one of many statements W has made about terrorists targeting innocent civilians.

Yes, it's bad. Shame on them.

What's worse, though, is pretending that you're not having an effect on civilian deaths. You see, the US invasion has caused 600,000 deaths (range of 426000 to 790000 with a 95% confidence interval). And we continue to use air strikes, knowing full well that they are likely (guaranteed?) to cause even more civilian deaths (a sniper uses a rifle, not a 2 ton bomb folks). But W and the military and all the supporters of the war brush the civilian deaths under the rug because the military "is targeting known terrorist locations."

Gee, don't mind us folks, we're gonna wipe out your family because we think there's a bad guy in there. No, no, we're the good guys, we didn't mean to kill civilians. again. and again. You can't be mad at us.

And to think, people seriously can't figure out why large percentages of Muslims around the world hate the United States.

No disrespect to our troops, it's their leaders I'm angry with, obviously the head honcho most of all.

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