Friday, February 08, 2008

Oregon Distilleries

There are some fine distilleries in Oregon, and they're making some very nice alcohols.

Two favorites of mine are from the">Bend Distillery - two gins made from real juniper berries (just checked, I only see one gin on their web page, interesting - I've got two different bottles). Turns out they also make hazelnut coffee liqueur - so I bought a bottle of that, very tasty.

There are a bunch of other distilleries in Oregon. Here's a list I found from Oregon Distilleries: Clear Creek Distillery, McMenamins Edgefield Distillery, Brandy Peak Distillery, Ransom Spirits, Dolmen Distillery, New Deal Distillery, Rogue House of Spirits, House Spirits (Medoyeff), Bend Distillery, Hood River Distilleries, Indio Spirits, Sub Rosa Spirits, Highball Distillery, Sidepocket Distillery, Integrity Spirits.

I've had whiskey and gin from McMenamins, and brandy from Clear Creek. Only 12 distilleries to go.

I think I'll try to find some from each of the distillers that make small batch liquers. I've a feeling I'll find quite a few gems.

The Clear Creek Distillery came out with a Douglas Fir Eaux de Vie (brandy), which is a bright green like the new shoots on a fir tree (from which it's made). Very interesting sounding, but not quite enough to warrant buying a whole bottle. I took a tour of Clear Creek 12 years ago, the guy was real nice. At the time he just had the cherry and pear brandies, and was still working on his whiskey. He's got a lot of different liqueurs now - many that I'd like to try.

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