Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Keto, Day 2

So.... why keto?

My blood sugar levels have been a little high for a while.  They haven't changed substantially in the past year (so, not increasing, yay?), but I'd like to have them in the normal range.

The keto diet is low carb, like real low.  The idea (for me) is to reduce carbohydrates to the level that my cells get a break from the excessive amounts of sugar floating around in my bloodstream.  The hope is that the body will be able to heal and ultimately be able to handle normal (not excessive) amounts of carbohydrates without becoming resistant to insulin.

This morning, my fasting blood sugar level was 100, which barring one recent measurement, is the lowest it's been in a year.  We'll see if this is just a blip because the body was in shock from no fruit/potatoes/bread, or if it's an actual step in the right direction.

Product review: Nick's Sticks free range turkey snack sticks.  It's another humane-ish, nitrate-free meat stick.  This has good texture - what I'd expect from a pepperoni stick, but the flavor is just lacking - it's bland.  Maybe the spicy version is worth trying.

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