Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Keto, day 3

And so it continues.

I felt munchy yesterday.  Too early to tell if it's keto related, or if it's because I'm just not eating as much as normal.  I did a run to the co-op yesterday to pick up some chicken for today's lunch, and when I walked in I felt very tempted to grab fruit, or a bag of chips.  But I held strong.

Annoyingly, the chicken in the package weighed 1.25 pounds - enough for two meals for the three of us, but after cooking weighed just over half that at 0.75 pounds.  grrr....

If you recall, from way back yesterday, I said my goal was to get my blood sugar levels into the normal range and hopefully reset my body's relationship with insulin.

This morning's sugar level: 86.  That's in mg/dL.

Product review: EPIC Venison bar. This bar has some celery and onion powder, evidently enough to have 2g of carbs... the other bars had zero.  Do those help the flavor?  You betcha!  The flavor of the venison bar is great, nice and peppery.  The consistency is so-so, it's not very fatty, so the texture is more like ground jerky than salami.  But, overall, I think the bar is a winner: great flavor and passable texture.

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