Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ban ana

That's banana split, get it? "banana" split.

Anyway, we had them a couple of nights ago. Two friends came over to watch "Office Space", bringing ice cream, bananas, and hot fudge sauce. We had the fresh strawberries from our garden, some fresh pineapple, peanuts, and real whipped cream. Delicious.

If only I hadn't forgotten the maraschino cherries. alas...

We just picked another 2 quarts of berries tonight. I can't believe how many berries our little plot (4x12) produces. One of the two types is an ever-bearing, and we'll be getting berries from it from now until September. That's a real treat - I suggest planting those if I were you.

Hmmm..., fresh berries. There's a little ice cream left, some hot fudge sauce... gotta go.

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